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Al Jones

Bass player in both the Greig Taylor forthcoming solo album and also the Greig Taylor Blues Combo is Mr Al Jones. Apart from a ‘brief’ musical pause from 1980 to 2006 when he was in the Royal Air Force, Al Jones has been continuously playing in bands since around 1969. The music genres of the groups he has been involved with have ranged from folk to prog rock, passing through heavy metal and pop on the way. Without doubt though the biggest influence on his playing has been Jack Bruce, which is probably why his most favoured music style is blues/rock. A terrific bass player, Al Jones has previously worked with Greig during his time with GT’s Boos Band.


Playing bass guitar since the age of 14 Lorna Thomas has formed a bass sound with elements of all her inspirations who include John Taylor, James Jamerson, Bernard Edwards, Carole Kaye and Gail Anne Dorsey to name but a few.

Lorna has earned the reputation as one of Scotland’s finest female bassist. A versatile musician and vocalist, she is in high demand for studio recording and live tours. Her individual style and personality has earned her endorsements from major companies such as Sandberg Guitars, Ashdown Amps, Elites Strings and just very recently Bassics pedals. In 2011 she was also featured in the online bass magazine ‘No Treble’ as one of the top 10 Spotlight players for that year.

Having performed on over 25 records, some reaching the top 10 and countless national and international tours as a session musician, Lorna has had the privilege of working with many artists and sharing the stage with great acts such as Tom Jones, Karine Polwart, Eddie Reader, Mumford and Sons, Jill Jackson, Movin’ Melvin Brown, Linda MacRae, The Humpff Family, Horse MacDonald, The L Project, Sandra MacBeth, Kirsten Adamson, Caroline Gilmour and award winning Blues Guitarist Willie Logan playing at festivals such as T in the Park, Glastonbury, Belladrum, Celtic Connections. Drawing on her versatile musical background and extensive studio experience, Lorna’s natural emphasis on recording and performing brings out the unique qualities in each artist she works with.

Being endorsed by Ashdown Lorna has several amps at hand to suit any occasion. ROOTMASTER 115 speaker 210 speaker RM- EVO 800 head MAG 150 Speaker MAG 300 Head and plays Ida Nielson signature bass endorsed by Sandberg Guitars, Yamaha BB2005 Bass 1978 Fender Precision all with Elites Strings

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