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Muddy Manninen

Ex-wishbone Ash guitarist Muddy Manninen is a wonderful guitar player who started playing guitar when he was just 13 years old. Hearing Paul McCartney singing "She´s A Woman" was then the defining moment of  his life. He wanted to be a musician from then on in. It´s been a long road since, starting with some basic classical guitar lessons, then purchasing his first electric guitar (an Ibanez Les Paul copy) His first band comprised of school mates. His first recordings were with the Red House Blues band in the late 70s...

Muddy started playing professionally around -1979 - 1980 in his hometown of Helsinki; playing in different bands, & also doing sessions. Having formed his own first band Havana Blacks, soon after to be followed by Gringos Locos, who recorded three albums. One of them, Punch Drunk, was produced by the legendary Tom Dowd. All this was part of the learning curve leading him to join Wishbone Ash in 2004.

The first WA album featuring him was the 2005 "Clan Destiny". He then started honing his song writing skills for the following three albums, "Power Of Eternity", "Elegant Stealth" and the critically acclaimed "Blue Horizon". Muddy became the band´s main song writer, as well as sharing the lead guitar duties.

During his stay in Wishbone Ash, in his free time Muddy also worked in other projects Playing  gigs locally with Patsy Gamble's  band Hipkiss, & also contributing  guitar to Jenny Darren´s  "Ladykiller" alum, & also song writing with Gregg Sutton.

Setting out on a new career journey in the spring of 2017, Muddy started on his solo venture, working on his first album, which was released on the 14th of July 2017.

Since then, he has been gigging ongoing alternately with the funk band - Hipkiss, plus the rock band - Jenny Darren and the Ladykillers. Currently, Muddy is in a songwriting & contemporary music duo with singer Jenny Darren and is excited to be writing a new album with Scottish singer songwriter Greig Taylor and his project, Greig Taylor’s Blues Combo.

Iain Donald

Iain Donald is the guitarist for the Blind Lemon Gators acoustic project with Greig Taylor and has previously worked with GT as bass player in the original GT’s Boos Band line-up. Iain has performed in a number of bands over the years as a highly sought after bass player, however it is his skills as a slide guitarist which have brought him back working with Greig Taylor. Their 1930’s delta-blues style sound has saw them appearing at venues and festivals throughout the UK and Europe.

Jim Chadwin

Jim Chadwin has a performance career spanning over 35 years, 10 of which were spent fronting legendary Scottish bar-band The Jack Daniel’s Experience. A highly versatile and respected guitarist, Jim's creativity and 'play for the song' approach have made him a sought after and much-valued side-man on a host of recording and live projects covering Rock, Blues, Country and Pop right through to Musical Theatre productions.


Sandy Tweeddale is one of UK’s finest exponents of blues guitar and has supported acts such as Bert Jansch, Peter Green, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Canned heat , Van Morrison, Eric Burdon and Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings. He has also played guitar in bands whom include Lazy Lester, Otis Grand and is long time guitarist for Maggie Bell.

Sandy has played in “The James Burton Band” (Elvis presley’s guitar player), was long-time lead guitarist for WC Handy award-winning band, Blues N Trouble (described by B.B King as the world’s greatest ‘white’ blues band), and still works with Tim Elliot on their collaboration The Troublemakers at various venues and festivals. Currently performing in the Greig Taylor Blues Combo, amongst others including The Blue Hyenas, Texas Breakfast and The Coaltown Daisies, Sandy is a highly sought session player for many other acts from across the world, performing at top festivals throughout the UK and beyond.

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